Admission policy
Mathematics exam (exam level - MSE)
Examinations in other subjects selected for advanced study (HL)
Interview in English
Motivation letter in English
Lexico-grammar test in English (expected level B2 - Upper Intermediate)
Since December 4, 2019, ISHU has been authorized as an IB Diploma programme school.
From February 24 we will begin accepting applications for the Diploma Programme (IB DP) 2021-2023. From February 25 to March 20, the school hosts consultations on the choice of subjects within the frame work of the Diploma Programme (IB DP). Entrance examinations will be held from March 22 to April 17. The test program includes:


Entrance tests are an oral interview-placement testing, a lexical and grammatical test and writing a motivational letter in English. The test includes sections such as Use of English and Reading. The interview, as well as the lexico-grammar test, will help determine the level of language proficiency – the candidate must demonstrate a level of English proficiency not lower than Upper Intermediate, which corresponds to the B2 level on the Common Europeans cale and the Cambridge: First certificate. Also, the candidate is required to write a motivation letter for the IB Diploma programme, explaining the reason for choosing this program and outlining their personal goals and objectives.

In order to assess the applicants' knowledge, the admissions committee holds a competitive entrance examination which includes an interview, a grammar and vocabulary test and a motivational letter. The test consists of Use of English and Reading parts. Applicants are required to demonstrate a level sufficient for the Program which is Upper-Intermediate (corresponding to CEFR level В2 and a First certificate). As you're applying for IB Diploma Programme, you're also asked to write a motivational letter highlighting your experiences, out lining your values, goals and plans and explaining the reasons for choosing Diploma Programme.

An example of a grammar and vocabulary sample test Motivational letter


Maths DP sample test

English (Literature)

ENGLISH A (Literature)

Candidates applying for the course in ENGLISH A (Literature) HL are required to sit an admission test (80 minutes) to assess their close reading skills, and their ability to respond to unfamiliar literary material. Candidates will be asked to carry out 2 tasks:

They will be given a short text/passage (formats may include poetry, prose (fiction and non-fiction), drama). The first part of the test is guided analysis: candidates will have to answer questions related to different elements of the text/passage: meaning, language, imagery, for metc. The second part of the test is an essay. Candidates will be asked to write an essay (300 words) commenting on how the theme(s) of the given text/passage can be interpreted in the modern context. No prior knowledge of the texts given for analysis is required. What is assessed is the ability to:

  1. comment on an unknown text and textual features
  2. maintain a focus on the task
  3. develop ideas logically
  4. write with an adequate degree of accuracy in grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction
  5. choose an appropriate style and register

Russian language

Russian B


  • Checking dialogic speech: general questions are asked about the student (name, age, hobbies, etc.). Depending on the level, questions can become more complex and specific.
  • Checking monologue speech: the student is invited to talk about the topic of interest to him (depending on the level) - family, school, home country / city, favorite book, etc.


  • The student is invited to write a short text on one of the topics - hobbies, friends, a famous person, etc.
  • If the student's level is high enough (A2+ and above), the student writes a short retelling of the read text and answers a question regarding the content of the text and the student's personal experience.
Russian language sample test



An example of a psychology sample test

Business and Management (Business and Management)

Sample test assignments for Business and Management


Spanish language sample test


Physics sample test