Preparation for school
As a result of training in the preparatory class, the child's intellectual readiness for school should be formed, which implies the presence of:
Temporal and spatial relationships
Counting skills and their application in solving simple mathematical problems
Ideas about geometric shapes
Ability for logical reasoning and generalization
A certain level of development of reading skills
Ability to retell the text perceived by ear (conversation about what was read)
Ability to independently compose a story based on plot pictures
A certain level of literary development
A certain level of development of the simplest writing skills
Knowledge and ideas about the world around (animals, plants, people, city ..)
Speech etiquette in different communication situations
Skills of perception of works of various types of art

Your child is growing up and will soon go to school. You can prepare your child for successful earning on their own. But another option is also possible - a preparatory class at our school. What are the features of teaching in the preparatory class?

The child quickly gets used to the new status of "student":

  • - gets acquainted with the concepts: school, class, principal, teacher, lesson, schedule, teaching supplies, break, library, gym ...;
  • - learns what a “lesson” is, since a lesson is similar to a lesson in its content and design;
  • - gets used to the fact that the lesson is led by the teacher, and learns to follow his instructions;
  • - tries to behave like a student: disciplined and responsible;
  • - learns to work in a group, build relationships with classmates.

The future student receives the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for successful schooling.

The preparatory class of our school does not duplicate the program of the first grade , but DEVELOPS the child in the following subjects:

  • The development of speech. Children get acquainted with the sounds and letters of the Russian language, with the concepts of "syllable", "word", "sentence", learn to read.
  • Letter. Preschoolers learn to work in a notebook, get acquainted with printed letters, write words and sentences.
  • Maths. The children learn numbers from 0 to 10, learn to add and subtract within 10, write numbers correctly; much attention is paid to the development of logical thinking.
  • The world around. These activities help broaden your horizons. Children learn the nature of Russia and other countries.
  • History of St. Petersburg. Children learn the history of the city, its sights.
  • Rhetoric. The children learn the rules of communication.
  • Journey to the beauty. In these classes, children learn the types and genres of art, get the basics of perceiving the mood of works of art.
  • Introduction to Fiction. Children are happy to listen and discuss the works of various authors on a moral theme, about nature and animals, their peers, fairy tales; learn to retell.
  • English language. Our school offers level education in foreign languages.