Extended day
Hobby clubs and sections are an important component of the educational process
Possibility to be at school until 18.00
We try to give everyone the opportunity to find themselves in their favorite occupation.
We regularly hold concerts and events for children and parents
All Hobby clubs and sections of the extended day are included in the cost of tuition fee
At school, a child can unlimitedly attend the following Hobby clubs and studios:
"We draw and make" (fine art and artistic work)
Musical Theatre
Mind games in English

Museum program.
In elementary school, the entire rich palette of St. Petersburg museums is revealed to students: there are art museums such as The State Russian Museum and The State Hermitage Museum, and there are Multimedia Demonstration and Exhibition Complex «The Universe of Water», The Russian Railway Museum, The St. Petersburg Bread Museum... Once a month, either a walktour or an excursion to one of the city's museums is planned.