International School of Herzen University
Grades 1-5
International School of Herzen University, grades 1–5, B. Morskaya st., 23
for children 5–12 years in the city center

The school is located in a historical building in the city center on Bolshaya Morskaya Street and specializes in teaching children in grades 1-5, in addition, there are preparatory groups for children aged 5-6, where children get acquainted with the basics of school life in a fun way.

All conditions for the full development, achievement of creative potential and individual abilities of each have been created for young students. There are a large number of disciplines that are interesting for every child: painting, modeling, design, choir, choreographic dances. Also, together with the Pushkin Central City Children's Library, a unique program "Fundamentals of Information Culture" is being implemented, expanding the horizons and shaping the world view of students.

In addition, a culturological entertaining course of Russian as a foreign language (RFL) has been tested for many years for foreign and bilingual students of any level (from zero to advanced) with the prospect of forming of stable bilingualism, switching to the Russian program, if desired, studying as part of a class according to the St. Petersburg standard.

Unforgettable the math weeks and feasts of the peoples of the world (Indian holiday Diwali, Thanks giving Day, Maslenitsa and Easter festivities, Nikolaus Day, Day of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum and the week of the lyceum student of Pushkin' stime, etc., readers' contests and "Minute of Glory" ...), multicultural educational environment, live communication with native speakers of European and Oriental languages allows you to create an atmosphere of joy while maintaining and developing interest during study.

Great importance is attached to the study of foreign languages. Many students receive Cambridge Certificates in English from 3rd grade.(Movers and Flyers).

Sports activities are held in a well-equipped gym.

Education is conducted under the constant supervision of the school' spsychological support.

There are extended day groups, speech therapists.

International School of Herzen University, grades 6–11, st. Vosstaniya, 8B

The school was founded in 1993, is located in the historical center of the city onVosstaniya Street and is the first accredited non-state school in St. Petersburg (certificate of state registration No. 1).

The school specializes in teaching children in grades 6-11 in groups of 3 to 11 people.

Our students are not limited in the choice of educational programs. In addition to the St. Petersburg standard of education, programs of national educational institutions of any country are offered, individually oriented and professionally directed specialized programs that take in to account the characteristics of the child, his level, lifestyle, and family perspectives. The curriculum of the school involves not only intensive study of English from scratch to the British certificate (preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, YLE, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE in small groups or individually) using the most modern world technologies, but also the study of any foreign language using choice.

In addition, the school curriculum provides for a cultural entertainment course of Russianas a foreignlanguage (RFL) tested for many years for foreign-language and bilingual students of any level (from zero to advanced) with the prospect of developing sustainable bilingualism, switching to the Russian program if they wish to study in composition of the class according to the St. Petersburg standard.

A unique teaching staff, a variety of forms of modern development a leducation (interactive games, theater in the languages of the world, computer presentations and multimedia, shooting video clips, laboratory research at the Herzen University, scientific conferences, poetry competitions, training games by stations), a wide range of creative activities, aimed at developing various abilities of children, realizing their individuality, increasing their social status in a team (publishing hand written books, newspapers and magazines, creating scripts, staging musicals, painting and poster competitions), work experience and love for children allow achieving the highest educational results.

Sports lessons are held in well-equipped gym.

for children aged 12–17
Licenses and accreditation