Лаптева Лилия Брониславовна

Liliya Bronislavovna


Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Awarded the honorary badge "Excellence in Public Education". She pays special attention to the scientific organization of the work of educational and methodological associations and creative teachers.

Лаптева Лилия Брониславовна

Elena Aleksandrovna

Deputy principal for the International School of Herzen University

Mathematics teacher of the highest category. She focuses on the development of aspects of the scientific and methodological theme of the school "Prospects for the development of human resources in the school." Supervises academic work in middle and high school.

Лаптева Лилия Брониславовна

Marina Yurievna

Deputy principal for the School of Herzen University

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Docent. One of the authors of the program "Information Culture", developed for students in grades 1-6. Awarded with the badge of honor "For the humanization of the school"

Лаптева Лилия Брониславовна

Vera Nikolaevna

Deputy principal for St. Petersburg International School

Author of scientific research in the field of information support of the learning process. Particular attention is paid to the development of creative abilities of students.

Лаптева Лилия Брониславовна

Ksenia Anatolievna

Head of Marketing Department

The main aim of her activity is the promotion of educational services of the school, as well as high-quality information and organizational work with clients.

Лаптева Лилия Брониславовна

Irina Eduardovna

IB coordinator, the english language teacher of the highest category

Implements a program for the professional development of school teachers within the frame work of the international baccalaureate system.