The primary aim of Language Acquisition in the IB is to encourage students to gain competence in a modern language other than their mother tongue. According to the IB, learning additional languages contributes to the holistic development of students, raises their cultural awareness and enables them to communicate in a language other than their mother tongue. Currently students at ISHU have the opportunity to learn English, Spanish, French, German, or Russian.

ISHU aims to contribute in the student’s development under the IB philosophy and concepts. The Language Acquisition program aims are to:

  • gain proficiency in an additional language, develop a respect for diverse linguistic and cultural heritages
  • develop the student’s communication skills necessary for further language learning, and for study, work and leisure
  • enable the student to develop multiliteracy skills, to recognize and use language as a vehicle of thought, reflection, self-expression and learning in other subjects
  • encourage an awareness and understanding of the perspectives of people from own and other cultures
  • foster curiosity, inquiry and a lifelong interest in, and enjoyment of, language learning.

Презентации ХОББИ