About MYP Language and Literature

MYP Language and Literature course aims to encourage students to engage with a variety of literary and non-literary texts from different historical periods and a variety of cultures. Students explore literature, develop critical thinking and increase their linguistic competence through inquiry-based tasks and approaches. By being exposed to diverse issues and voices in different forms, genres and styles, students enrich their imagination, capacity for empathy and their emotional horizons. By analyzing and reflecting on texts, they deepen their understanding of the sophistication and ambiguity of language and learn to express their thoughts and feelings in a more subtle and precise way.

Literature provides a perfect framework for creative responses: students present book covers; produce sketches of screen adaptation of the scenes; compare and contrast written and visual texts; write from the perspectives of different characters; imitate the style and voice of the studied texts; write persuasive speeches etc.

Lilya SA English 21.10

Multi-Faceted Concept of Time Neo