The MYP Science course immerses students into research, observation, and experiments individually and as a part of a team. They explore the applications of science to solve real life problems and reflect on the impacts of science on different factors like ethics, culture, economics, politics, and ecology.

Through inquiring and researching students learn how to apply scientific knowledge and understanding to solve problems set in familiar and unfamiliar situations, how to design scientific investigations and interpret data and describe results using scientific reasoning

Science MYP (biology, chemistry and physics)

  • in the first years of Sciences (Y 1-3), we have a modular course which is mainly aimed at learning the basics of scientific method and MYP investigation cycle. At the end of the year, students demonstrate their skills by presenting their projects to the school community and parents at the Science Fair.
  • includes interdisciplinary modules that study concepts from two or more disciplines, helping to develop ATL skills.
  • helps to realize the practical applications of the knowledge gained for real life situations.
  • the acquired skills and knowledge help students during the personal project (a graduate work Y5 MYP)

The MYP program gives us the opportunity to teach sipid and student-oriented courses, and for students- to study in a high level outsize interdisciplinary curriculum.

We not only prepare students for further education, but also provide them with a unique opportunity to form a holistic perception of themselves and the world around them. Through studying scientific consepts and principles, students learn to appreciate and respect the ideas and opinions of other people, get critical and creative thinking skills and develop a sense of responsibility and understand their role as active members of the global community.