Physical and Health Education

Welcome to PHE department! PHE stands for Physical and Health Education.
According to IB requirements regarding sport lessons, our school has 5 different units. Those unit include HEALTH care (unit “Fitness”), AESTHETICS “Gymnastics” or “Aerobics”, TEAM SPORTS “Basketball” or “Volleyball”, INDIVIDUAL SPORTS “Athletics” or “Track and Field”, CREATIVITY “Game Invasion” or “Theory of Sports”.
Students will be assessed by 4 criteria. It begins with “Knowledge and Understanding” (knowing safety rules, goals and possible strategies, terminology, scoring points, historical facts and legends). Then comes “Planning for performance” (planning of strategy, scheme drawing, thinking of different components for having a great presentation). Criterion C “Performance” stands for physical demonstration of learned skills and techniques. Finally, we will assess “Reflection” to consider strong and weak sides and ways to improve the performance next time.