The Arts subjects of the International Baccalaureate consist of courses: Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, and World Arts. Courses are taught in English and Russian languages.

There is an opportunity for students to receive art education at the level of Art School. Students can walk through the process of creative research and discover yourself.

Developing a range of skills and experience, children enhance their understanding of the world, learn to establish meaningful connection between research and practice.

The Arts subjects develop our students as creative, inquisitive, open-minded, caring people. These courses help to see the beauty of the world, try new things, take risks and reflect this experience in art.

Children learn to work in teams and express their thoughts confidently and creatively in several languages. They learn to create effective collaborations, take responsibility for their actions and its effects.

During Visual Arts lessons, students acquire practical skills to perceive art works, learn to work in various types of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, artistic design, arts and crafts.

Drama students develop performance skills, becoming more confident on stage. This course includes theoretical and practical areas: the history of theatre, acting, directing, improvisation, the shadow and the puppet theatres, clowning, the mask theatre and musicals. Each year the students have many opportunities to perform in front of parents and guests, both for major school productions and smaller more intimate performances. Each unit ends with a group or individual project, which is designed to make our lives bright and exciting!