Speaking two or more languages is extremely important in the modern world and it is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate program. French is considered the second international language after English, it is spoken in more than 53 countries of the world. Students who have chosen French will learn not only to be proficient in it but also learn about the culture of French-speaking countries.

ISHU students study those topics that are relevant today and can engage and hold student interest. They are involved in exciting projects, from creating recipes and sharing them in French to shooting their own films on the topic of a healthy lifestyle. While teaching French we use interactive competitive tasks that encourage students speaking because they are asked to identify the problem and look for ways to solve it.

ISHU students take international French exams – DELF, and the best students, in the fourth year of study (MYP year 4), enter the bilingual Russian-French department, after which they have the opportunity to enroll in French universities.